Raising Toddlers:The Earlier Years

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     Looking back at the years when the kiddos were smaller I realize how much I miss those days of changing their diapers and preparing milk, washing tiny clothes and having them air dried, washing bottles and feeding them their first solid foods! My first borne is now thirteen while the other kiddo is now eleven. Gosh, where have the days gone…



They would giggle while riding their dad’s back like a pony…

I only had my cellphone camera then. I wish I had a camera back then so the shots would have been clearer.

l (2)

and pillow fight with their only female cousins…


gee I miss their little dirty faces that would lighten up when you showed them

a toy or a goodie…Roel loved toy dinosaurs while Cis loved anything edible!

The first time they saw the beach they ran and ran until their energy ran out! I can still picture myself running after them, gasping and laughing at the same time….how time flies…


“Treasure each second, each little smile, each little giggle, each frown and tear of a kid….not very long after those will be terribly missed…and yes do capture so many photos….so many to fill your heart’s desire…because each child no matter what we do, will grow up and leave our homes but not our hearts…”


4 thoughts on “Raising Toddlers:The Earlier Years

  1. gee, i could imagine your smile from ear to ear looking at the old photos Zen, they are so heartwarming. actually, my computer table here at home has the old photos of my nieces and nephew, tatay and nanay and looking at the pics always bring me smile. love yah!!

  2. Hi Zen,
    I am missing the children’s younger years..My two oldest ones are far away now, and I only have JoJo left at home…Soon, he will leave home too..I love looking at old photos!

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