We Can’t Stop- Miley


Just minutes ago my son Roel lovingly whispered to me- “mom I got to tell you something but promise me you wont get angry first!” Intrigued and eager to listen to what he has to say I was quick to reply “Ok I promise, now what is it dear?” as I hugged him. He made a sigh after which blurted out “Miley Cyrus is my idol! Just the melody of her song mommy not her way of dancing and not the yucky video!!”
He made a dash for his phone and said “listen mom!” and emphasized on his fave part of the lyrics “remember only God can judge us, forget the haters ‘coz somebody loves you!”…singing along melodiously the boy winked at me and smiled, I paused for a second or two thinking of the wisest thing to say , looked him in the eye and SAID “I LOVE YOU BABY, please don’t follow the mmm mmm (referring to the not too pleasant dance moves and acts on the video) of Miley. He laughed and answered “of course I wont mumy!”

It’s so challenging raising kids during this era of technological advancement when they have easy access to everything online! That is why the hubby and I work hard to guide them and make them feel loved every step of the way!


May your homes be filled with love and peace and as Miley’s previous hit single says . . .

There’s always gonna be another mountain, always gonna be un uphill battle…yet what matters is the climb!


13 thoughts on “We Can’t Stop- Miley

  1. i pray the same way like you pray too sis! haha though i am just happy that my daughter is not into miley cyrus thing and never enjoyed her disney time. though my younger sister back in philippines idolizes her and she’s a threat somehow to young kids now adays

  2. My 11-year old has outgrown Miley long before her “career shift”– something that I am happy about! Yes, it’s a pity. I think MC is lost, and in need of so much love and attention. She could have chosen another career path, maybe more of acting. And I agree, so many people still love her.

  3. It must be hard for you, Dokie! But you can only be there for your children to guide and protect them the best way you know how. In the end, they will be treading their own paths hopefully not influenced by Miley.

  4. Parents has the hardest work of all, you need to ensure that you guide and not control your kids on what is right. you have to tell them and teach them everyday..until they are fully matured to know exactly what’s good for them, however that job won’t stop there, until you are alive and they are your being a parent will never stop.

  5. Teach a child the way he should go so when he is old, he will not depart from it…..old proverb but who says the bible is old for anyone? It’s always timely for all. Beyond looks and attitude, I think, your son saw the real talent in Miley…hope she keeps her act together though..seriously…

  6. My 2 daughters who are in high school and elementary loves Miley and even my toddler is now influenced by the two, would you believe even me and my hubby sing and groove along with them when we hear Miley’s hit song ‘Party in the USA’

  7. Everything has 2 sides… I think the best approach would be is to take the positive and learn from the negative. The one thing that I liked about miley is she’s being true to herself

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