The Art of Letting Go


At times he whines endlessly and asks the silliest questions. He pushes my patience to the limit and often nags this heart. Yet he makes me smile the sweetest and hugs me the warmest! I’m missing the boy terribly and this is just the first night of three away from him.


The boy has gone camping! As he left the door I stiffled the urge to stop him and beg him not to go. Ok truth is I did! I asked the boy a thousand times whether he could sleep away from home and mommy’s arms and he said “of course mom!” Ouch, it’s not his first time to leave yet I know you get what this mom’s heart means!


So there he was waving bye bye at me all excited and glad to explore the huge world of scouting and here I am now tossing and turning in bed and missing the boy so much. For him to learn I know I must let go and watch him from afar so that someday he will have the strength to face the challenges of life on his own.


9 thoughts on “The Art of Letting Go

  1. very nice!! my daughter tried sleep overs back in singapore. But because it is inside a house with a fellow filipina helper i am always calm at it so i get use to it already.

  2. oh, your post made me appreciate the more the sacrifices my parents made just for us to experience camping/scouting, though they looked excited always for us, but am sure, it tore their heart too for us being away for a while. it’s for me one of the best gifts i received when i was younger, being able to join the scout 🙂

  3. As a mother, we can feel that if we only wish to keep them from anywhere we could have done it, unfortunately we can’t and don’t so that we can teach them to be brave and responsible on this life.

  4. Aww, my son went to a week-long retreat to get-to-know his classmates and teacher…they weren’t allowed to take mobile phones so imagine how worried I was…I can’t even sleep well. But, it’s a learning experience, although there’s really separation anxiety on our part! 😀

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